The advent of UEFA football in Gibraltar has created a new world of opportunities for Gibraltar's sportsmen and women. Along with basketball, cricket and other associations, Gibraltar sport continues to develop its international presence through a series of dedicated, focused and impassioned processes of persuading international bodies of Gibraltar's place amongst their memberships.

The legal processes involved in the negotiation and entering into of contracts with sporting clubs and sponsors can be overwhelming for a young sportsman or woman looking to secure his or her future.

As individuals, you need a team of expert sports & entertainment lawyers on your side who can advise you in respect of not just the legal aspects of entering into these relationships, but also the commercial realities of the sports industry that you may be struggling to grapple with.

Entering into agreements tying you down to long-term and onerous conditions early in your sporting career can get in the way of your progress in later years. Legal advice like ours isn't just relevant when you 'make the big time,' it's just as crucial when you're starting out.

Our sports law practice can offer you a personal approach, one that will ensure you can remain confident about all the legal commercial aspects of a player's career so that you can focus on becoming the best that you can be,

Why ISOLAS as my Sports and/or Entertainment Lawyers?

ISOLAS has extensive experience in contract law preparation and negotiation including but not limited to sports leisure and entertainment activities.

We represent various local and international sports personalities and can draw from our experience to obtain the best possible conditions for anyone wanting to formalise their engagement with a sporting institution. We are able to provide sporting agents the legal backing they need to ensure that their clients are getting the best solution.

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