The Conveyancing Team at ISOLAS boasts a wealth of experience in dealing with residential properties as a result of representing numerous clients in purchasing and selling properties throughout Gibraltar, ranging from low-cost housing projects partly financed by the Government of Gibraltar through to high-end luxury accommodation.

Clients are provided with a professional and efficient service which will ensure that their transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible from the initial stages until completion.

On the panel...

ISOLAS are authorised to act for all major banks in Gibraltar, which is beneficial for those clients who are either obtaining mortgage financing to assist with their purchase of a property or who need to redeem a mortgage in order to sell their property. This means there is less opportunity for delays to arise throughout the transaction, and results in clients keeping their costs to a minimum.

Landlord & Tenant

ISOLAS also has vast experience in dealing with commercial premises, both in the purchase/sale of these as well as advising clients on leases. Having drawn up and dealt with leases for most major commercial complexes in Gibraltar, the Conveyancing Team has extensive knowledge and experience in this area and is able to advise clients on any matter which might arise.

Some of the costs that clients will be required to meet and should therefore keep in mind are:

  • Stamp duty on new title documentation

  • Registration costs of new title documentation

  • Property searches

  • Sealing fees

This is not a comprehensive list and each item will have a different cost depending on the transaction. Furthermore, the actual costs of each of the above-mentioned items will vary in each case: ISOLAS is, therefore, happy to provide full details on request for any clients who may be interested in proceeding with any property transaction.

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