The Gibraltar ship registry is a prestigious register which also incorporates the Gibraltar Yacht registry. Registering vessels under the British Flag has many advantages.

In order to qualify for registration of a vessel in Gibraltar, the applicant needs to be a either a British or EU national or a company incorporated in Britain or a British Territory. Recent initiatives by the Government of Gibraltar have meant that Gibraltar is becoming an increasingly appealing jurisdiction for registering superyachts, following the introduction of a new measure in the Government budget in July 2012, effectively eradicating import duty on ‘seagoing vessels of over 18m in length.’

This coincides with the Government’s announcement that it intends to market Gibraltar as a home for vessels of this nature and is tied to an initiative to allow such vessels to be registered whilst under construction as well as for chartered vessels to now be able to be registered in the yacht register and not in the ship register which previous legilslation had required.  

This used to mean that charter yachts and superyachts used to attract annual tonnage fees that no longer apply.

ISOLAS can assist in the creation of a company for use as applicant by a non-EU national seeking to take advantage of the benefits of registering a ship, yacht or superyacht at the Gibraltar registry.

The jurisdiction of said company would depend on the individual’s domicile, residence and tax status and, as a full-service law firm, ISOLAS will be happy to assist in determining the best option for you.

ISOLAS can facilitate this process by providing all the services you require through a single contact. We take the stress out of this process to ensure maximum efficiency and ease of use.

For more information, kindly contact Christian Hernandez or Marisa Hernandez of our specilaist ship, yacht and superyacht registration team.

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