At a time when the values of physical assets continue to plummet, one form of property, ‘Virtual Property’ remains as solid an investment as ever, with domain names becoming ever more prominent in the modern era.

With technological advances in many emergent regions, internet access is becoming increasingly commonplace around all parts of the globe. So much so that the value of domain names can only continue to rise as the number of potential website visitors grows. Domain names act as virtual gateways to the almost limitless boundaries of the World Wide Web.

It therefore comes as no surprise that corporations, businesses, service providers and individuals alike continue to negotiate and on occasions, battle with each other for ownership of the most coveted domain names.

IDN Services Limited (“IDN”) is closely associated with the oldest established law firm in Gibraltar (ISOLAS) and provides intellectual property consultancy services, specifically in relation to Gibraltar (.gi) country code top level domain names.

‘.gi’ Domain name registration

IDN provides (.gi) domain name registration and maintenance services to its clients, as well as nominee services to the owners of intellectual property rights in certain names who wish to extend their portfolio to cover the Gibraltar (.gi) country code top level.

The rightful owners of brand names, etc can therefore contract with IDN for it to act as .gi domain name registrant on their behalf.

The majority of country code top level domain (ccTLDs) name registries will accept registration of domain names on behalf of applicants on a first come first served basis regardless of where the applicant is located or situated in. However, in Gibraltar the rules are different and there is a requirement for a local presence.

IDN can therefore provide the requisite local presence in Gibraltar along with professional nominee services for the maintenance and renewal of .gi domain names.

Domain Name recovery service

IDN can provide legal services through its associated Gibraltar law firm ISOLAS and advise in relation to domain name hijacking, cybersquatting and related domain name dispute resolution mechanisms.

Domain Name consultation service

IDN can also offer expert advice to businesses, groups and individuals in the selection of the best possible domain name for their particular needs, aims and circumstances.

Why register a '.gi' domain with IDN?

In the past, the requirement of a physical presence in Gibraltar has meant that many individuals and businesses wishing to register their domains under the .gi top level domain have been unable to satisfy this condition despite being the lawful owners of the intellectual property rights subsisting therein.

IDN can provide you with the following services:

1.  As nominee domain name registrant we register domain names and deal with all aspects of the registration process, liaising directly with the local registry;

2.  We maintain and renew registered domain names, thereby avoiding the possibility of a domain name expiring after its initial registration period and being registered by malicious cyber squatters or other persons acting in bad faith;

3.  As .gi domain name registrant, we ensure that no third party, who could then seek payment for the transferring of ownership, can register a domain name corresponding with your brand name or identity.


IDN charges a fixed fee of £300 per registration of .gi domain name, which covers the first two years of registration and includes disbursements to the Gibraltar Registry for the actual registration of the domain name.

Thereafter there is an annual renewal fee of £150 per domain name renewal, also inclusive of disbursements to the Gibraltar Registry.

The value of registering your domain with IDN

Domain names are not strictly considered intellectual property and as such do not benefit from the plethora of international agreements and cooperative arrangements for the recognition and enforcement of cross jurisdictional rights, which copyright, patents or registered trademarks enjoy. If a domain name dispute does arise then the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) and its Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) is the preferred mechanism for the relatively quick and cheap resolution of domain name conflicts.

However, the UDRP procedures are for voluntary adoption only and cannot be forced upon parties so protection is not always guaranteed. In addition, pursuing the resolution of a domain name dispute through the World Intellectual property organisation (“WIPO”) or traditional court systems can prove extremely lengthy and costly.

IDN knows the value of domain names to businesses and individuals and recognizes the constant dangers which threaten the integrity of these forms of virtual property.

Whether through domain name hijacking, reverse-hijacking, cyber-squatting or typo-squatting, all domain names and the goodwill they generate remain at risk unless measures are taken to protect them. This summary serves to emphasize the importance of proper domain name registration, maintenance and renewal.

Why expose crucial business interests to unnecessary risks when you can add a further layer of protection, thus reducing the chances or potential harm of being targeted by cyber-squatters and domain name hijackers? Many multinational corporations have already registered their own .gi domains through IDN and with that, taken a big step to further safeguard the interests of their many shareholders and stakeholders.

The process is quick, easy and affordable and our expert team can guide you through every step of the way.

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