The Gibraltar Experienced Investor fund can easily be incorporated into a Swiss regulatory framework by virtue of the synergies between the 'experienced investor' requirements of the Gibraltar legislation and the kind of investors, who could be offered participation in such a fund under the Swiss private placement regime. Get in touch and we'll send you a brief note detailing how well Gibraltar can complement the Swiss financial services offering

The Funds Industry in Gibraltar

Created in 2005, the funds industry in Gibraltar has developed into a rounded, sophisticated element of the financial services offering in Gibraltar. With our Experienced Investor Fund, a model solution which can be used in a wide range of scenarios, as well as our protected cell companies, we offer solutions for institutional investment and structuring as well as for modern and effective wealth management for high net worth individuals. Tie in the use of trust structures, in respect of which Gibraltar's experience is second to none, and you have a tantalisingly attractive and specialised onshore solution with access to the UK, post Brexit.


Gibraltar - the ideal home for Independent Asset Managers

Gibraltar offers independent asset managers seeking access to the UK more advantages than can be imagined: full passporting rights and access to the the UK market by virtue of bilateral and exclusive arrangements between Gibraltar and the UK, a jurisdiction with a real-world, fully diversified economy with a GDP nearing £2bn, ranked fourth in the world on a GDP per capita basis, generated by a workforce of over 27,000 and growing at a pace of over 10%, having continued to grow at not less than 8% in the tough operating conditions of the post-credit crunch, market crash in 2008. Gibraltar is today a common-law jurisdiction within continental EU and fully compliant with its EU and all other international obligations, with a focus and determination to remain compliant, whatever Brexit may bring.

A flat rate of 10% corporate tax, attractive personal tax regimes tailor-made for funds and finance professionals like you. A capped maximum amount of income tax payable on only the first £120,000 of income.

For all these reasons, Gibraltar is the domicile of choice for funds seeking access to the UK in a post-Brexit context.

Gibraltar Asset Management & Fund Manager Services News

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