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The PJ Isola Foundation is supporting the Happy Faces trust in a number of projects in the New Year.  In an interview with Christian Rocca, the Managing partner at ISOLAS and trustee of the Foundation, explained.

"The first is to make a terminally ill young boys dream come true – to meet the Manchester Utd players and watch them play at Old Trafford. We will be donating £2,000 to make his wish a reality. Secondly, we will be donating £1,000 for the purchase of a special chair for a severely disabled 8-month old baby. Thirdly and finally, we will be donating £2,000 for an electric wheelchair for a disabled young boy for use to travel to, and get around, school."

"This is all part of the collaborative process we're engaged in with the local organisations which I hope will bring some much needed help to the less fortunate in the community.  We are proud to be able to work with organisations like Happy Faces who work so hard to make others' lives that little bit better."


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