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Miss Gibraltar 2009, Kaiane Aldorino, is living a fairy tale as she recently became Gibraltar's first Miss World at the 2009 pageant held in the Gallagher Convention centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The 23 year old clerk had qualified for the last sixteen of the Miss World pageant by securing a win in the Beach Beauty category of the pageant's pre-final qualifiers.  There was much excitement in the local community as streets went quiet and everyone tuned in to the local broadcast at 4.00pm.

Typically cautious in events like this, hardened by the knowledge that never had a Miss Gibraltar managed to so much as qualify for the final stages of the competition, there was shock and delight when Kaiane became one of the seven finalists and got tantalisingly close to winning outright.  A few nervous moments followed during the final question round and as she was announced the winner, celebrations broke out all over Gibraltar.

In the hours that followed Miss Gibraltar's global crowning moment, people gathered in public spaces to celebrate together. A triumph of natural beauty, Kaiane's achievement, unprecedented and entirely unexpected, has put Gibraltar firmly on the map once more.  Google reported a five fold increase in the number of Gibraltar-related searches in the hours and days following the broadcast of the pageant.

On Thursday evening she returned to Gibraltar on a private jet laid out by the local Government, to a rapturous welcome from thousands of grateful and adoring fans from the local community. Huge crowds gathered by the City Hall where she thanked the community for all their support.  She addressed the crowd, saying 'If I was a proud Gibraltarian before, I don't know how, I am even prouder now, thank you for your support, this is amazing!"

ISOLAS wishes to join the community in congratulating Kaiane and welcoming her home for Christmas.  All the staff at ISOLAS wishes her a Merry and restful Christmas at home with her family and a successful and unforgettable reign as the most beautiful woman in the world in what will no doubt be a very positive and life-changing 2010.

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