Joey Garcia attends Stable.Report event in London Image

Joey Garcia participated in a private event organised by Stable.Report, at the Reform Club and Army & Navy Club in London. “Stable.Report aims to serve as [a] go-to source to make sense of the current market enthusiasm around stablecoins. [Their] goal is to curate high-quality content and to increase awareness of developments in the space."

Joey Garcia hailed the event a great success, thanking other participants for the fascinating discussion, saying: “Great to have been able to contribute to the Stable.Report private gathering at the Reform Club with colleagues and clients yesterday. The first gathering of issuers and participants from around the world to cover developments, ideas and initiatives. Well done to Alexander Panasuk PMP and León Markovitz Wien for arranging and hosting and to Joel Telpner, Andreas Glarner, Axel von Goldbeck, Neil Foster and Teana Baker-Taylor for an international input to legal and policy related developments. Great day!


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