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ISOLAS today has announced the launch of the mobile optimised version of their website, a first in the local legal profession.

A project that has kept the marketing team busy for a few months now, the web app is designed to add value to the client and partner experience. “From the very beginning, our focus has been on usability, on ensuring ease of use and that clients and partners alike be able to contact a relevant lawyer within three thumb taps of arriving on the site. The site seamlessly blends in to the desktop version and automatically displays the right version depending on the OS the visitor is using. The site has been in the testing phase for some weeks now, work having begun on this before the summer.”

“Mobile web traffic is set to pass desktop internet traffic by the end of Q1 2013, a staggering statistic when you consider how far mobile has had to come and the relatively short space of time in which it has gone from frustratingly slow and practically useless to a key feature of our daily lives. In fact, something like 40% of all flowers purchased for Mother’s day last year in the UK were purchased from mobile devices. The volume of traffic on mobile meant that we couldn’t ignore the fact that our website, although fully optimised and a source of a significant amount of business, simply didn’t cut it in the mobile stakes. In designing this web app, we rethought the process of arriving at the site and how our users navigate through our main website. As a result, we completely rethought the navigation and menu structure to simplify it as far as possible whilst retaining the usefulness of the content. The web app also exploits the availability of other technologies on today’s smartphones, such as mapping software and, of course, the simplicity of placing a call from within the web app itself.”

“For someone on the go, trying to find a lawyer in a particular field, or, even a particular lawyer, the key considerations are ease of use and speed of delivery. The website is built with those key features as the main priority and is modelled on well established guidelines for an effective and efficient mobile website. If you’re coming to see us, you can call a taxi from within the web app itself!”

“We’re very proud to be able to bring this value-added feature to our clients and partners, a feature which no other law firm currently offers and which is kept fully up to date with all news and articles, as it happens. As always, feedback from users of the service plays a key role in determining the functionality we add to the web app, our analytics having been a source of much guidance.”

ISOLAS is proud to be, at once, Gibraltar’s longest established law firm and a leader in the deployment of new and state of the art strategies to drive revenue and add value to the client experience.


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