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 Joey Garcia also contributed the Gibraltar chapter of Masters of Blockchain & Initial Coin Offerings: The rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs, cryptocurrencies, token economies and what that means for startups, corporations and investors, by Andrew Romans, a Kindle book available on Amazon. “Andrew Romans’ captured wisdom from over 200 meetings and interviews with some of the brightest minds in blockchain with case studies of many of the first and most recent ICOs ranging from Ethereum to Stellar.”

Tim Draper, world-renowned billionaire/investor/author/entrepreneur, who’s bullish views on the virtues of cryptocurrency and the potential for price appreciation make him one of the industry’s most high-profile proponents, wrote the foreword to Masters of Blockchain. A long list of top contributors from the blockchain space including, amongst others, Greg Kidd and Alex Mashinsky,

The book can be found online by clicking here


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