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In April, a team from ISOLAS (Christian Rocca and Karl Tonna) joined members of staff at Jyske Bank (Ole Hougaard and Christian Bjorlow) to run the Madrid Marathon in aid of the PJ Isola Foundation. The training was almost as gruelling as the day itself but they all managed to get around what is widely acknowledged to be one of the toughest marathon courses on the calendar.

The PJ Isola Foundation was also busy donating funds to a variety of local causes. Sponsoring two of Gibraltar’s proud Special Olympians to travel to Greece for the World summer games, ISOLAS and Fiduciary were glad to have the opportunity to help some of the most cherished members of our small community fly the flag for Gibraltar. If their track record is anything to go by, we can expect great things from our Special Athletes.

The foundation also took the opportunity of contributing to the cost of purchasing an orthopaedic bed for the home of 11-year-old Carla Rodriguez, a contribution the Foundation hopes will go at least some way to making this brave young girl and her family’s daily struggle with Carla’s cerebral palsy just that little bit easier.

Proceeds collected in respect of the Madrid Marathon run in April went to three charities selected by staff at ISOLAS and Fiduciary. £1,500 each went to Pathway Through Pain, Multiple Sclerosis Gibraltar and Childline. Pathway through Pain was established in 2005 and it primarily exists to provide financial assistance to families who are experiencing extreme financial difficulties as a result of the serious illness of one of its members (it is particularly concerned with children who are very sick or the immediate relatives of children who themselves are seriously ill). It also tries to service other cancer charities when it is financially able to do so. Finally, the charity also tries to encourage the participation of school children and of students in higher education in some of its fund raising activities and through such participation hopes to promote their educational advancement by making them aware of the need to assist others in times of need.


Multiple Sclerosis Awareness was established recently with a view to promote awareness of a disease which affects a growing number of people in the community.

 With the participation by the staff at the Walk for Life recently, the staff continues to work for charity, doing all it can to help those most in need in our community


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