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ISOLAS Golf Day 2009

The ISOLAS annual Golf Day went ahead as scheduled on the 9th September, the eve of National Day, and, as usual, turned out to be a great day spent on the gold course for all those in attendance. The weather was brilliant, if a bit on the warm side, but La Reserva offered up a challenging course with varying winds to keep players on their toes. 

A total of about 13 fourballs set off on the shotgun start across the course, not before having been fed and watered at the 19th, in preparation, and the round took about four and a half hours to complete.  Teeing off from Tee 1, Christian Rocca was said to have complained that 'not being allowed to win this is wrong, I'm too good not to be able to win.'  As Managing Partner, the complaint about the policy (instigated by him) would fall on his own deaf ears as the only person with jurisdiction.  As courteous as ever, others in his fourball did their best to conceal the sniggers (see pic below).


During the evening drinks reception. the day's strokes were pondered, analysed and, often, ridiculed over some tapas and cocktails.  During the reception the prizes were handed out to the lucky/talented winners and another successful Golf Day was wrapped up.


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