Christian Rocca becomes Gibraltar member of FraudNet Image

Christian Rocca was recently invited to become a member of FraudNet for Gibraltar, which invitation he gladly accepted.

ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) is the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce. Based in the UK, CCS is a membership organisation tasked with combating all forms of commercial crime.

CCS comprises three specialised Bureaux, which operate as an autonomous membership association offering its members a full range of resources. Companies and individuals can become members of an individual Bureau according to their business type and requirements, or in more complex situations they may benefit from association with more than one Bureau. A breakdown of the membership fee structure can be found in the Membership section.

International Maritime Bureau (IMB)

Dedicated to the prevention of trade finance, maritime, transport and trade fraud and malpractice, the IMB is a focal point for the international trading and shipping industry and those associated with facilitating the movement of goods. The IMB also manages the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre, which is dedicated to the suppression of piracy and armed robbery against ships.

Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB)

Formerly known as the Commercial Crime Bureau, FIB provides commercial banks, the financial services sector and investors with a range of ‘Know Your Customer' (KYC), financial fraud and anti-money laundering services that help members balance risk against reward and avoid becoming the victims of financial scams.

Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB)

CIB is one of the world's leading organisations dedicated to combating the counterfeiting of products and documents, protecting the integrity of intellectual property and brands, and preventing copyright abuse. CIB hosts the International Hologram Image Register and publishes the International Anti-Counterfeiting Directory annually.


CCS also operates FraudNet, a unique global network of law firms who specialise in tackling business crime.

Members of CCS comprise companies engaged in international business, the legal profession and law enforcement, dealing with shipping, transport and trade, banking, insurance, intellectual property and information technology.

Over two decades, CCS has saved its members literally billions of dollars by alerting them to the threats and highlighting the preventative measures they can take to protect themselves. It has also succeeded in getting fraudsters brought to justice and has helped members recover many millions of dollars thought lost.

FraudNet a specialist Network of Fraud Lawyers, provides a new, innovative way to tackle fraud and track down and take action against the offenders using the combined strengths of a global network. FraudNet provides fraud victims with a first local-point-of-contact, using legal specialists that can help, and the resource of a global network of partners to investigate and take action against fraudsters in foreign jurisdictions, increasing the chances of recovering losses.


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