Britain’s Solicitor General robustly defended Gibraltar’s commitment to the fight against international crime yesterday, during a parliamentary debate in which Labour MP Keith Vaz also withdrew his claim that the Rock was a centre for money laundering.

Mr Vaz provoked fury last month when he used Gibraltar as an example of jurisdictions in which drug money could be laundered, comments that were later picked up by the Spanish media to attack Gibraltar.

But in the House of Commons yesterday, a cross-party selection of British MPs lashed out at Mr Vaz and highlighted Gibraltar’s compliance with international legislation on issues such as financial transparency and money laundering.
Conservative MP Robert Buckland, the Solicitor General for England and Wales, said Gibraltar was held ‘in high international regard’ in this context and that he was going to ‘set the record straight’.

Mr Buckland said the British Government wanted “…to send a message clearly to Madrid that it is wrong to seek opportunities to tarnish the reputation of Gibraltar, particularly

about issues of money laundering and drug smuggling.”

“The work that Gibraltar undertakes in order to address these allegations is unceasing and tireless.”

04-12-2014 | by Brian Reyes | Published: Gibraltar Chronicle