The Supreme Court of Gibraltar has unlimited jurisdiction to hear and determine any civil or criminal proceedings under any law. It presently consists of two Judges, namely the Acting Chief Justice and an additional Judge appointed by the Governor.

The Court of Appeal consists of a President and a number of Justices of Appeal. The President of the Court of Appeal is also the head of judiciary.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is an ex-officio member of the Court of Appeal for all purposes except for the purpose of constituting the Court of Appeal for the hearing and determination of an appeal from his own decision.

For the purposes of any determination of the Court of Appeal an uneven number of Judges shall sit which shall not be less than three.

The constitution governs the instances where, as of right, an appeal shall lie from decisions of the Supreme Court to the Court of Appeal and thence to Her Majesty in Council, as well as the instances where the leave of the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal is required.

Gibraltar also has a Coroner's Court and a Magistrates’ Court.