First Gibraltar Ship Arrest Symposium



Ship Arrest - Gibraltar and Spain updates


ISOLAS, Portland House, Glacis Road, Gibraltar


The first of its kind in the jurisdiction, the symposium will focus on ship arrest activity internationally as well as in Gibraltar, debt recovery and injunctive relief as well as ship arrest in Spain, a topic which will be covered by a guest speaker, Dr Felipe Arizon. The symposium is targeted not only at the local shipping industry but also international shipping companies and aims to provide delegates with a more comprehensive understanding of the legal options available in the event of a dispute with clients and contractors alike. ISOLAS considers it important for local and international players to understand the options available when there is a breakdown in commercial relationships and/or breaches of contractual obligations. It is for this reason and the international reach of maritime activity here in Gibraltar, that ISOLAS feels this is an ideal opportunity to introduce a discussion of the options available in Spain as, inevitably, the need may arise to pursue a vessel abroad, particularly in Spain


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