Whatever your financial situation, at ISOLAS we appreciate that there are three issues which concern you. Firstly, that you will want as much of your wealth as possible to remain at your disposal during your life; secondly, that you will be keen to ensure that as much of it as possible passes on after your death; and thirdly, that you will want to make certain that it passes on to the beneficiaries of your choice.

For a long time our clients have sought to exploit Gibraltar’s unique position as a modern offshore jurisdiction to maximize their chances of achieving this.

As Gibraltar’s oldest law firm, no-one has helped their clients accomplish these goals for longer. Our team has vast experience in helping our clients manage, protect and perpetuate their wealth in the most effective and tax efficient manner, taking account of their short term needs as well as their long term goals.

Our expertise includes:

Examples of our work:

  • Assisting clients in the structuring the tax-efficient purchase of a holiday home.

  • Advising discretionary beneficiaries of a valuable discretionary trust on the extent of their rights as beneficiaries.

  • Advising beneficiaries of a valuable discretionary trust on the extent of their right to disclosure of trust information.

  • Advising beneficiaries of offshore trusts on how to minimise their tax liability on trust distributions.

  • Assisting clients domiciled in civil law countries with forced heirship provisions on how to legitimately distribute their wealth in a manner of their choosing.

  • Advising major international trust providers in relation to the transfer of their trusteeship.

  • Setting up a new high-profile charity in Gibraltar.

  • Advising high net worth individuals on the use of asset protection trusts to protect assets from future creditors.

  • Advising clients on the use of discretionary trusts to protect assets from possible future creditors of beneficiaries.

  • Advising a major offshore private bank on the advantages to their clients of setting up discretionary trusts to hold bank accounts for the purposes of avoiding the unnecessary complications of cross-jurisdictional probate.

  • Drafting wills for non-residents to ensure the smooth succession of their estates both locally and abroad.