Gibraltar and ISOLAS LLP - a key combination in the DLT/Token Launch space

Gibraltar is quickly emerging in the Fintech space for new businesses starting up in this fast-moving sector.

With a sound regulatory environment that welcomes innovation together with an accessible and forward-thinking regulator, Gibraltar is a jurisdiction that many Fintech businesses (including blockchain start-ups, multi-currency digital wallet providers, e-money institutions and innovative payment service providers) are either setting up operations in or keeping a close eye on.

This has been accelerated by the proposal for a Distributed Ledger Technology Framework from the Government of Gibraltar and the Financial Services Commission. This document follows on from the ‘Virtual Currency: Outline Regulatory Framework’ paper which was produced by the Cryptocurrency working group co-chaired by partner Joey Garcia.

ISOLAS is a market leader in the Fintech sector, having worked closely with the Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission on various niche areas within this space. We have been instrumental, through our participation in Government established working groups, in shaping discussions and regulatory proposals for Crypto-Currency, Crowdfunding and Distributed Ledger Technology.

ISOLAS also founded Gibraltar’s only dedicated Fintech think tank,, an initiative that brings together local and international financial services and technology professionals to collaborate and discuss ways in which Gibraltar can position itself as a welcoming, supportive and well-regulated environment for Fintech business.

ISOLAS is therefore at the forefront of legal developments and has unrivalled expertise when it comes to advising on these exciting new areas of financial services. We provide a tailored approach to finding legal and regulatory solutions for our client’s objectives based on our in-depth understanding of the industry.


Our latest brochure

ISOLAS LLP Gibraltar DLT, Token Launch and General Fintech Brichure - October 2017

Earlier Brochures

ISOLAS LLP Gibraltar DLT and ICO Brochure - June 2017


Our approach to the regulatory and legal approval of ICOs is quite unique. We also work with a number of larger, well established businesses in the space and a number of businesses post ICO are coming to Gibraltar to explore their options for licensing and regulation under the new DLT regime. In essence, the regime determines 9 headline 'principles' which are then applied on a proportionate basis to each applicant depending on a number of factors.

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In October 2017, the Government of Gibraltar published DLT regulations, confirming the DLT regulatory framework and the launch date of 1 January 2018. Click here to read our coverage of the publication of the DLT regulations.